11 March 2016


 So the weather is getting better here so I could work on the pipes for this vertical garden.

First note to mentioned is use foam-core pipe over solid core pipe. I felt that it would be a good idea to try both foam and solid core pipe, and after using a heat-gun  to heat up the spots I would flatten and flare out I will have to say the foam core did not take much heat to work on with.

A second note build in pairs. I was having trouble trying to keep the pipe from rolling on me while making the slits in the pipe. But if you clamp 2 pipe together then nether will roll.
A good idea is label the planned top and bottom.

21 February 2016

Getting started

So after looking at the germination period of the 19 plants we have chosen. I chose the 5 plants that have the longest germination to get stared, by using the damp paper towels to kick start the process (this was done on 20-02-2016).

19 February 2016

We're Back

So after EV-250 and I decided that playing ball according to the "Queen's Rules" and realized that their are no real rules. We will most likely be trying new and different things. Looking at Arizona, Nevada, or west Texas to maybe move to but need to come up with a good plan and save money.

First thing we will be trying this year is gardening, but not standard raised bed. We are going to try vertical gardening. I bought seeds today I will be doing some research to better understand how these plants can work together or not. If my calculations are correct then I should be able to grow 30 plants in a rough 1 square foot area.

26 November 2015

Start a project and find a project

So Monday I quit work, and have being camping out in the driveway at Mom & Dad's. While trying to make myself use full  and not spend a lot of money. So I try and find thing to do.

Yesterday I noticed the fridge was looking a little dirty. So I started with removing all if the magnets off and scrubbing it down and painting the chipped paint. Then putting a healthy coat of mold blocker. After all of that EV-250 was like clean the coils. I think EV-250 like to watch me suffer.

After popping off the vent cover and seening the herd of dust bunnies hugging the coils I knew this had to be done. Started off with a shop-vac and got some of the herd, but a lot of the old bunnies held on tight. So I ran an air hose in to the house and cranked the psi up to 120 and put the air blower. I think EV-250 is leaning sarcasm, as he said "Go for it genius." Smart ass.

Well to may a long story short I got the coils clean and eat dust bunny for lunch. But then I had to dust the rest of the kitchen and mop the floor 2 or 3 times as the dust settled.

23 November 2015

Move on

When is it time to move on to the next job?

I personally feel if you more then 1/2 apply move on:
If you are starting to think about doing stupid things, then it may be time to move on.
If you wake-up and hate the idea of going to work, might be time to move on.
If you can't stay focused on the work at work, might be time to move on.
If causing trouble at work is the only joy you get, then it might be time to move on.
If you feel you have to censer you self all day, then it might be time to move on.
If opening Outlook brings more discomfort then stabbing yourself, it might be time to move on.
If you feel I.C.P. is speaking to you in one of their songs, it might be time to move on (plus seek      mental health).
If trying to find a way back to Iraq is starting to sound like a fun vacation, it might be time to move  on (no joke seek mental health).
If you look at management and want to say "I think Pol Pot was on to something", don't say it but it  maybe time to move on.
If you feel printing off a bunch of pictures of Charles Manson to every printer is a good idea, it  maybe time to move on (if anyone ask tell them "what you don't like uncle Chuck").

17 November 2015

Wiring Batteries 101

A guy at work was asking about wiring up batteries, so I made these visuals to help hope others can find them useful.

16 November 2015

Stop Reinventing the Wheel

So I came up with this idea to kick my computer from the solar system to a other power system. Originally I came up with the huge power transfer system where I gut out a mid size UPS and put all of that with a over-sized battery and manual power input selector switch in a custom built box. One issue I had was how do I safely construct a power input selector switch.

So, I had to brush up on basic electrical circuit construction. I found a On-Off-On SPDT switch, I used a shared ground wire and a shared negative(-) wire put the switch on the positive(+) wire. I put the junction and the switch in a 6"x 6"x 6" PVC Electrical box. The Cords I got from junked electronics at work.

I decided not to hard wire the UPS into this box so I could make it a little more modular,

Here is a down and dirty wiring diagram (below).